Evergreen preps PCs for Windows 2000

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Evergreen preps PCs for Windows 2000

Older Pentium systems can reach speeds up to 400 MHz, thanks to a new processor upgrade from Corvallis, Oregon-based Evergreen Technologies.

The Spectra 400 is powered by the 400 MHz AMD K6-2 processor with 3DNow! instructions. Along with the Spectra 333, introduced in January, it allows customers with 75 MHz-and-higher Pentium processor-based systems to upgrade to the minimum processor power required (300 MHz) to run Windows 2000.

Evergreen Spectra 400 is also a Windows 95 certified processor, and is enhanced to run software optimized for MMX instructions. A BIOS upgrade program available with the product’s install program allows users to equip their PC with the Spectra 400, regardless of the system’s original BIOS, motherboard and voltage.

The product is available now for $229 at retail outlets, mail-order catalogs and through the company’s Web site at www.evertech.com.