Microsoft delivers fix for Windows CE

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Microsoft delivers fix for Windows CE

Microsoft has released an update to its Windows CE operating system to repair lingering problems with the software – problems the company has known about for months.

Dubbed ActiveSync 3.0, the upgrade improves data transfer speeds between computers and devices that use the Windows CE system.

Both the version of Windows CE for handhelds with color screens, and the version of CE that comes with mini-notebook-sized devices, use an older version of ActiveSync that was relatively slow and difficult to install.

One Microsoft official said the company has been aware of the problems with the old software for a year and a half, and shipped the latest generation of software for the palm-size and handheld PCs, code-named Wyvern and Jupiter, respectively, despite the problems. “ActiveSync wasn’t ready, and the new devices were,” he said.

Owners of the devices can upgrade their desktop computers at the Microsoft Web site at or by ordering a CD-ROM with the synchronization upgrade.

More information is available at