3Deep technology prevents "too dark" gaming

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3Deep technology prevents "too dark" gaming

Current and future game titles from Infogrames North America and Sierra Studios will incorporate Sonnetech’s 3Deep gamma-correction technology.

3Deep is designed to deliver more consistent lighting and shading across users’ systems, for a more realistic and satisfying gaming experience, according to Sonnetech.

Monolith Productions halso as incorporated the 3Deep technology into its LithTech 3D game engine.

Game developers often face a problem in designing titles to offer a consistent visual experience on all user platforms. Games that run “too dark” are a leading complaint in the industry. 3Deep allows the developer to specify and deliver game imagery consistent with the intended “gamma” setting for the game (“gamma” is responsible for lighting and shading). 3Deep measures the user’s system with a one time, “set and forget process,” then makes the necessary adjustments to the user’s monitor during gameplay, ensuring that images perceived by the gamer match exactly the intent of the developer.

Sierra Studios will incorporate 3Deep into Homeworld, Gabriel Knight III: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned, SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle, and Babylon 5: Space Combat Simulator.

Infogrames has already implemented 3Deep in its Demolition Racer, Redline, Slave Zero, and the Test Drive series.

Gamers wishing to take advantage of the technology can also purchase 3Deep for $29.95 from www.gamedealer.com.