ReQuest home stereo to support Windows Media

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ReQuest home stereo to support Windows Media

ReQuest will support Microsoft’s Windows Media Audio in its AudioReQuest home stereo component system.

The AudioRequest system stores, organizes, and plays up to 300 hours of CD-quality digital music, without relying on a PC.

The AudioReQuest player combines WMA, MP3 and other popular Internet music formats with high-capacity storage to offer a convenient modern home jukebox.

Designed specifically to connect with home entertainment systems, AudioReQuest is the first consumer product that encodes audio compact discs directly into CD-quality digitally compressed music. The AudioReQuest unit includes a CD player that allows users to store personal compact disc collections of up to 6000 songs, eliminating the need to manually change CDs while listening to different albums.

AudioReQuest will be available this Fall for $799.95 at and other online retailers.