22-year-old PC wins oldest honors from Dell

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22-year-old PC wins oldest honors from Dell

An Illinois lawyer’s 22-year-old PC has been named the winner of Dell Computer’s ‘Search for the Oldest PC’ contest.

Patent lawyer John C. Shepard, who runs a small business from his Winnetka, Ill., home, bought his MITS Altair 8800b for $1,300 in October 1976. Dell declared it the oldest among the 209 machines entered in the contest, and donated it to The Computer Museum of America in La Mesa, Calif.

Dell kicked off its ‘Search for the Oldest PC’ contest in May to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the PC.

In exchange for the old system, Shepard received a Dell server and a combination of built-to-order Dell desktop and notebook PCs – a total prize package valued at $15,000.

Shepard has used the Altair for almost 23 years to create wills and other legal documents. “It’s a dear old friend with many memories and it will be missed,” he said.

Dell’s home page is at www.dell.com.