Apple sues eMachines over iMac clone

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Apple sues eMachines over iMac clone

Apple sues eMachines over iMac clone

Apple has filed suit against eMachines in U.S. Federal Court, seeking an injunction to stop the company from shipping its new iMac look-alike computer, the eOne.

The move was expected as a follow-up to Apple’s previous lawsuit against Future Power and Daewoo, which unveiled its own all-in-one PC with translucent plastic accents earlier this summer.

eMachines claims that it designed its opaque blue PC independently of Apple. Based on off-the-shelf Wintel architecture, the eOne is much cheaper than the iMac. The eOne advertises pricing as low as $399 after rebate, compared with $1,199 for the Apple machine.

The eOne began shipping two weeks ago.

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