Celerons to get Y2K boost

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Celerons to get Y2K boost

By moving its Celeron chip to a new processor core next year, Intel plans to deliver a year 2000 power boost for low-cost desktops.

Celeron will migrate from the Pentium II processor core to the Pentium III core, based on Intel’s “Coppermine” technology, sources say. Coppermine is the code-name for Pentium III chips based on Intel’s 0.18 micron manufacturing process. Sources say the first Coppermine chips – Pentium IIIs running at 600MHz and higher – will debut in October.

The transition of Celeron to the new processor core means users who purchase low-end PCs in the first half of next year will get machines that perform as well or faster than the high-end Pentium III PCs that are currently shipping.

Pentium III Xeon chips will follow Celeron to Coppermine, sources said.

Further details are in the story posted at www.zdnn.com.