ICL announces new TeamPad handheld PC

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ICL announces new TeamPad handheld PC

ICL has announced the newest version of its TeamPad 7600 lightweight mobile computer.

Available now, the handheld TeamPad 7600 weighs less than two pounds, making it the lightest PC in its class, company officials said.

Features include an Intel Pentium 166 MHz low-power processor, a 7.2″ color VGA display with both pen and touch-screen input and the option of 32 MB or 64 MB of RAM. A battery life of up to four hours or longer is available with an external battery option, depending on the applications.

The TeamPad 7600 also provides industry-standard RF functionality with the addition of a high-speed infrared port for wireless communication to a printer or network and a standard RS232C serial interface. Company officials say it is also extremely rugged, with a design that allows it to withstand a four-foot drop on to a concrete floor.

For more information, go to www.iclhandheld.com.