EA ships Madden NFL 2000

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EA ships Madden NFL 2000

Electronic Arts has released the latest version of its best-selling John Madden Football franchise game.

Madden NFL 2000 for the PlayStation features all 31 current NFL teams, including the new Cleveland Browns, along with several all-star and Super Bowl teams for historical matchups.

EA says the new version features an increased framerate, enhanced audio and play-by-play, more detailed playing fields, and high-resolution graphics for more realistic player renderings. In addition, the weight and height of each player is now factored into collisions to help determine how much ground a ball carrier gains as the tackle is made, so that a small defensive back will have a tough time knocking a big bruising fullback down.

Madden NFL 2000 for the PlayStation supports Analog Control delivering force feedback. The suggested U.S. retail price is $39.95. Consumers may purchase the game online at www.ea.com/store or by calling EA Direct Sales at 800/245-4525. Madden NFL 2000 will be available on the Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color and PC later this fall.