Infogrames ships Outcast

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Infogrames ships Outcast

Outcast, a new action-adventure game for the PC from Infogrames North America, hits store shelves this week.

The game puts players in the role of Cutter Slade, a former Navy Seal assigned to lead a team of experts through a parallel universe to stop a growing black hole that is risking life on Earth. Players interact with over 1,000 additional characters in a 3D world of treacherous terrain and lifelike weather conditions. An original music score performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra enhances the cinematic quality of the game, which employs “procedural animation” – a technique that blends two motion-captured sequences – to produce realistic game character movements

Developed by Appeal, Outcast will be available at major retail outlets for $39.99. Infogrames has a Web site featuring a contest and cinematic outtakes from the game at More information about the company is available at