3D audio for Media Player from QSound

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3D audio for Media Player from QSound

Calgary-based QSound Labs has released the first 3D audio enhancement software designed to support Microsoft’s Windows Media Player.

iQms is a compact software application that automatically synthesizes a 3D stereo image from mono audio. 3D enhancements are performed in real-time, stretching regular stereo audio images far beyond the speakers’ normal range.

The release coincides with the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows Media Technologies 4.0, which provides users of Windows Media Player with CD-quality audio at half the size of other formats, and has the support of major record labels and artists.

The product will be available from QSound’s Website at www.qsound.com/iqms for the special launch price of $11.95 (regularly $24.95). More information about the company and its other products is available at www.qsound.com.


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