`Mini Flip’ peripherals are made for mobiles

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`Mini Flip' peripherals are made for mobiles

CMS Peripherals’ new MiniCD Flip CD-ROM drive features a unique “flip” design that employs a one-of-a-kind fold-away cable and PC card for added convenience and usability.

The 15-ounce drive has a retractable cable and PC card that fits compactly into a cutaway slot on the bottom of the drive.

The product is designed for notebook PC users, especially owners of the new popular ultra-thin notebooks, that can benefit from the unit’s streamlined size and enhanced portability.

At $249, the MiniCD Flip is about half the cost of external CD-ROM drives from notebook PC manufacturers, according to the company.

CMS Peripherals’ web site is located at www.cmsproducts.com.