Windows 2000 headed for Vegas launch?

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Windows 2000 headed for Vegas launch?

Several analysts and industry pundits are predicting that Microsoft will introduce its next iteration of the Windows operating system – Windows 2000 – at the Fall Comdex computer trade show, set for mid-November in Las Vegas.

Microsoft has refused to specify a launch date, however CEO Bill Gates said this week, “We’re pretty sure the bits will go final before the end of the year.”

The comment has fueled speculation of a Comdex launch, which analysts say would boost the company’s position with Wall Street and customers.

Microsoft has been severely criticized for repeated delays that pushed the Windows 2000 expected delivery back by more than a year, into the second half of 1999. That may be an awkward time to launch, given that many companies plan to freeze computer purchases while they assess the effects of the Year 2000 transition.

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