AOL flattens German ISP market

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AOL flattens German ISP market

Just days after rocking Britain’s ISP scene with the announcement of free web service there, AOL Europe has announced a low-cost access plan for Germany: unlimited online service for a monthly flat rate of 9.90 marks.

The price is aimed at taking market share away from rival Internet Service Provider Deutsche Telekom AG, which has refused so far to consider flat rates for its T-Online unit.

AOL Europe’s price, which does not include telephone charges, is well below expectations of the German media, which had reported that the service would launch at 19.95 marks a month.

The new German flat rate rate plan takes effect on Oct. 1. In addition to the monthly price, users will pay six pfennigs each time they dial in, plus 3.9 pfennigs per minute in phone charges.

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