Tiberian Sun emerges

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Tiberian Sun emerges

Tiberian Sun emerges

Westwood Studios has shipped its Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun PC game to U.S. retailers.

The sequel to the Command & Conquer strategy game, which sold more than 10 million units worldwide, once again pits the 21st century Global Defense Initiative against the Brotherhood of NOD in an epic struggle for control of the planet.

As the storyline unfolds, players will learn the reason for the outbreak of Tiberium that has poisoned the Earth, and what happened to the notorious NOD leader Kane, who was presumed dead at the end of Command & Conquer.

Tiberian Sun features dynamic 3D terrain and realistic physics. The game’s fully reactive environment features explosions that leave craters, lakes and rivers that freeze, ion storms that cripple high-tech weapons, forest fires that rage out of control, and winds that carry poison gas clouds.

Tiberian Sun allows up to 8 players to engage in combat over a LAN, and via the Internet and Westwood Online. Gamers can find and challenge opponents from all over the world with the click of a button, without ever leaving the Tiberian Sun environment. A built-in worldwide ranking system allows players to track their victories and defeats against other Internet gamers. Expanded multiplayer options also include random Battle Map generation, Battle Clan support, and four new handicapping controls.

Minimum system requirements are a 166MHz Pentium with 32 MB of RAM, a 4X CD-ROM drive, a 16-bit sound card, and a Direct X-compatible video card.

More information is posted at www.westwood.com.