Intel plans PIII blow-out

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Intel plans PIII blow-out

Intel is preparing to introduce Pentium III chips by the baker’s dozen.

By the end of October, sources say Intel will roll out more than 13 new PIII versions for desktop and mobile PCs, workstations and servers.

The rapid-fire release will begin in late September with the introduction of Intel’s 820 chip set for high-end desktop PCs. The core logic will feature a faster system bus, support for 4X accelerated graphics and high-bandwidth Rambus DRAM.

The 820’s debut on Sept. 27 will coincide with the release of two new Pentium III processors, running at 533MHz and 600MHz. The .25 micron chips will support the 133MHz bus.

Six additional desktop Pentium III processors, based on Intel’s 0.18 micron Coppermine technology, are set for an Oct. 25 launch. The Coppermine-based PIIIs will range from 500MHz to possibly as high as 700MHz.

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