Apple to ship Power Mac G4 proxy?

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Apple to ship Power Mac G4 proxy?

Reports that Apple may not be ready to ship Power Macs based on the upcoming PowerPC 7400 chip until sometime next year appear to have been confirmed by sources within the company, according to The Register.

The Mac-monitoring Web site AppleInsider reports that Apple is having trouble with the new motherboard design of the Power Mac G4, codenamed Sawtooth, and in its place plans to ship a version of the current Power Mac G3 with 400, 450 and 500MHz PPC 7400s. The PPC 7400 is said to be ten to fifteen times faster than the current PowerPC 750, and significantly faster than equivalently clocked Intel Pentium IIIs.

Codenamed Yikes!, the units will lack Sawtooth’s support for Intel’s AGP (Advanced Graphics Port), relying instead on PCI, but may ship with DVD-ROM as standard.

The news comes as momentum is building behind the Pentium III’s Streaming SIMD Extension (SSE) technology, which, like the 7400’s AltiVec technology, is geared towards accelerating multimedia and communications applications.

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