Small size, big performance from Hitachi

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Small size, big performance from Hitachi

Hitachi America has introduced a new series of high-capacity, high-performance 2.5″ disk drives, including one model with 18.1 GB storage capacity.

The DK22AA and DK23AA-series drives features enhanced Giant Magneto Resistive (GMR) heads and signal processing technology developed by Hitachi.

Designed to provide desktop performance for portables and compact systems, the drives are the first Hitachi storage solutions to use MEEPRML (Modified Extended Extended Partial Response Maximum Likelihood) read channels, supporting an area recording density of 10.79 Gbit per square inch.

Other features include a 4,200-RPM disc spin rate and achieve internal data transfer rates of 12.4 – 20.6 MB/s. Average seek times are 12 ms, and the maximum drive to system data transfer rate is 66.6 MB/s (Ultra-DMA Mode 4) using the ATA-5 interface.

OEM samples of the three 9.5 mm height DK23AA drives are available now, and samples of the 18.1 GB DK22AA drive will be available in September. Production shipments are scheduled to begin in the fourth calendar quarter of 1999. Additional information about Hitachi America and its products is available at