Red Storm spotlights Shadow Watch, Clancy sequel

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Red Storm spotlights Shadow Watch, Clancy sequel

Red Storm Entertainment will unveil its newest PC title at next week’s European Computer Trade Show in London.

Titled Shadow Watch, the strategy/RPG title puts gamers in charge of a crack team of operatives to uncover a nefarious plot to stop humanity’s advancement to the stars. As chief of the corporation’s security team, the player tracks and interrogates more than a dozen unique contacts in exotic locales like Rio de Janeiro and Hong Kong. How they question these contacts will change the plot. Once they have the answers they need, players can launch covert missions using their team to rescue hostages, plant surveillance devices, raze buildings, and assault enemy strongholds.

The Morrisville, North Carolina-based company will also introduce Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, the sequel to last year’s best selling title. New features include more missions, 400 additional captions, improved AI and joystick support. The PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and GameBoy Color versions of the game will also be on display at the ECTS Sept. 5-7 at London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre.

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