S3 unveils Savage2000 chip

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S3 unveils Savage2000 chip

S3 introduces its next-generation graphics chip today.

The Savage2000 is the latest in S3’s Savage family of graphics products that has been instrumental in the company’s recent comeback in the personal computer graphics market.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company also said that Diamond Multimedia Systems, which S3 has announced plans to acquire, will produce an add-in card for PCs with the Savage2000 graphics chips. The Savage2000 retail card will be sold in computer stores in time for the holiday shopping season this year.

S3 is among the first out of the gate with a new generation of graphics accelerator. Its competitors, such as Nvidia, are also developing new generations of graphics accelerator chips, which will have better graphics rendering and better geometry processing.

The retail add-in cards will range in price from $169 to $249, depending on the configuration. The Savage2000 chips are priced at $29 each in quantities of 10,000.

The full story is available at www.zdnn.com.