3dfx supports new Power Mac G4

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3dfx supports new Power Mac G4

3dfx Interactive’s Voodoo graphics technology will be available for Apple’s new Power Mac, announced yesterday by Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs.

Along with Voodoo, the new high end of the Macintosh line will also get a boost from the 3dfx T-buffer technology, which is geared for enabling cinematic effects and real-time frame rates for more photorealistic imagery. New Mac products from 3dfx that further capitalize on the power of the Power Mac G4 are planned in the near future, according to the company.

3dfx officials say the T-Buffer technology will dramatically improve the rendering capabilities on the Macintosh, bridging the “realism gap” that exists today between motion picture and photographic imagery and computer-generated images. Among the T-Buffer capabilities are real-time full-scene spatial anti-aliasing, which removes the appearance of jagged edges in a rendered scene, and real-time motion blur, which improves the rendered realism for fast-moving objects.

More information is available at www.3dfx.com.


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