Intel CEO: Merced has shipped

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Intel CEO: Merced has shipped

In his keynote address at the Intel Developers Forum in Palm Springs, Intel CEO Craig Barrett announced the first deliveries of the company’s 64-bit processor, code-named Merced.

PC makers have received initial samples of the chip, while Intel has successfully booted the 64-bit variants of Windows and Linux on the processor, Barrett said.

Intel also demonstrated a working version of a Merced chip in a workstation, rendering graphics and performing other functions.

Barrett also discussed progress in the design of easier-to-use PCs, and showed some prototypes of so-called Easy PCs, a reference design that will bear fruit later in the year. One of the more outlandish versions was a concept system call the “Ottoman PC.” Shaped like a footrest and upholstered in a leopard skin pattern, the Ottoman’s cushion folds up to reveal a display and keyboard.

Of a more practical nature, an 800MHz processor was demonstrated operating with Intel’s forthcoming 820 chip set. The chip is believed to be a Pentium III based on Intel’s 0.18 micron process, code-name Coppermine.

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