S3 shows off Savage4, Savage2000

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S3 shows off Savage4, Savage2000

S3 Inc. has demonstrated its Savage4 graphics accelerator’s Digital Visual Interface (DVI) capabilities at the Intel Developer Forum in Palm Springs.

Using Number Nine Visual Technologies’ Savage4 PRO-based SR9 Pro board, S3 conducted more than 100 demos featuring the graphics chip powering flat panel displays using the DVI specification.

Steve Spina, strategic initiative manager for Intel, said the work of S3 and others on the DVI initiative is helping to further “a technolgy that is crucial for next-generation PCs as it moves the industry toward emerging digital display technologies and away from archaic analog interfaces.”

S3 also conducted the first public demonstrations of its Savage2000 accelerator at the show. The accelerator is designed to provide enhanced 3D performance, superior digital video playback and TV-out support, high-resolution 2D image quality and digital flat panel support.

More information is available online at www.S3.com.


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