Tekram motherboard has gamers in mind

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Tekram motherboard has gamers in mind

Tekram Technology’s new Slot 1 ATX form factor mainboard was designed to accommodate custom PC builders and gamers looking for enhanced memory and I/O features.

Designed specifically to support Intel Slot 1 Celeron, Pentium II and III microprocessors, the P6Pro-A+ motherboard includes an Ultra DMA66 IDE controller and future expansion support for both 133MHz front side bus microprocessors and PC133 memory.

The P6Pro-A+ includes five 32-bit PCI-compatible expansion slots for ample PCI expandability, two 16-bit ISA and one AGP slot, allowing users to add third-party audio and video cards rather than rely on integrated sound and graphics processors.

The P6Pro-A+ is based on VIA’s Apollo Pro 133 AGP chipset. Standard features include two USB ports, two serial and one parallel ports and floppy controller.

Additional information is posted at www.tekram.com.


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