VideoLogic ships Neon 250

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VideoLogic ships Neon 250

VideoLogic’s Neon 250 graphics card is now shipping.

The $169 card was originally announced with 16MB of memory, but its final configuratio was upgraded to 32MB of SDRAM running at 125MHz.

Based on the NEC PowerVR 250 graphics processor with 2X AGP support, the Neon 250 features full VGA compatibility, YUV-to-RGB color space conversion, tile-based reduced-bandwidth rendering engine, 32-bit floating point Z-buffering, and up to 4 million polygons per second.

Owners of VideoLogic’s Apocalypse 3D, 3Dx, 5D and 5D Sonic boards can qualify for a 25 percent discount when they upgrade to the Neon 250.

Details are available at