HP rolls out digital-ready flat-panel display

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HP rolls out digital-ready flat-panel display

Hewlett-Packard has announced the first future-ready, multimedia flat-panel display that is both digital flat panel-compliant and digital video input-ready.

The HP Pavilion FX70 delivers near digital-quality analog display performance on a 15″ viewable area, comparable to a conventional 17″ CRT, at approximately one-third of the space, power consumption and weight.

With 24-bit-per-pixel color, up to 16.7 million colors and flicker-free performance, the display features uncompromised image quality at any resolution, hassle-free auto-setup and integrated Polk Audio stereo speakers.

The HP Pavilion FX70 display is now available for $1,199 at retail stores nationwide, and online at www.hpshopping.com. More information about HP and its products can be found at www.hp.com.