Psion launches business netBook

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Psion launches business netBook

The Psion netBook uses EPOC, the operating system widely seen as the key rival to Microsoft’s Windows CE in the mobile computing market.

The netBook will include a full VGA color screen, Intel SA-1100 StrongARM 190MHz processor, 32/64MB Internal DRAM, compact flash and PC Card slots. The device weighs just over 2.5 pounds, measures 9 ¼-in. X 7-in. X 1 ½-in. with a battery life of eight and a half hours.

The U.S. release price is estimated to be under $1,200.

Psion said the inclusion of a Java Virtual Machine (version 1.1.4) means that a wide range of applications will be available for the device, and applications could easily be developed without the risks associated with developing for a specialist operating system.

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