Mitsubishi to support new hand-held OS

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Mitsubishi to support new hand-held OS

Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi may supply microcomputers to Integrated Systems as part of the U.S. software company’s effort to develop an operating system for an advanced hand-held computer.

A Mitsubishi spokesman says the company has already agreed to sell microchips to ISI, which is developing an operating system it hopes to sell worldwide for the new hand-held devices, some of which will have wireless access to the Internet.

A spokesman for Hitachi, Japan’s largest electronics maker, said that company is also considering selling microchips to ISI.

Electronics makers have answered the growing demand for mobile online access by developing portable devices using circuit boards with embedded microcomputers containing operating software. ISI will produce circuit boards with its software written onto the microcomputers supplied by Mitsubishi and Hitachi.

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