Palm creators one-up their creation

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Palm creators one-up their creation

The company founded by the ex-Palm Computing duo Donna Dubinsky and Jeff Hawkins is poised to introduce its Visor device, a handheld computer designed to be cheaper, faster and more expandable than the existing Palm.

Based on Palm OS version 3.1, Handspring Inc.’s Visor will include three models: the Visor Solo for $149, the basic Visor for $179, and the Visor Deluxe for $249.

The Visor handhelds will utilize the same processor, lithium-ion battery and LCD screen used in 3Com Corp.’s Palm V handheld, according to sources.

However, Handspring has developed a number of new features. They include a built-in microphone and a slot that can accommodate a range of peripherals, from pagers to MP3 players to voice recorders and eventually, a cellular phone module, sources said.

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