Hasbro offers first games for Dreamcast

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Hasbro offers first games for Dreamcast

Hasbro Interactive will release two titles this Fall for Sega’s next-generation Dreamcast console: Centipede under the Atari brand and Worms Armageddon under the MicroProse brand.

In Centipede, players will take the role of Wally, the village’s humble bean counter, as he is recruited to man the village bug shooter to save the colony from the ruthless QueenPede and her destructive subjects – the spiders, scorpions, and fleas.

The third and final game in the award-winning Worms series, Worms Armageddon, challenges the player to become supreme conqueror of the worm-scape by using exotic new weapons such as aqua sheep, earthquakes, skunks and mole bombs.

Additional information is posted at www.hasbro-interactive.com.