PC "death ray" demonstrated

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PC "death ray" demonstrated

An Ex-Navy engineer conducted a demonstration this week a homemade weapon designed for electronic warfare, capable of disabling a PC from 20 feet away.

David Schriner says that $500 and a trip to the hardware store can equip any determined saboteur with the means to remotely disrupt computers, automobiles, medical equipment and nearly anything else dependant on electronics. His demonstration took place at the InfowarCon ’99 conference.

The device was constructed from a parabolic reflector, a horn antenna and two automotive ignition coils, activated by connecting it to a car battery. It works on the principle of of High Energy Radio Frequency (HERF) emissions, which are known to have a crippling effect on electronics.

Schriner says he intended his demonstration to be a “wake up call” to alert military and intelligence agencies that even low-budget saboteurs can create viable electronic weapons.

The full story is online at www.zdnn.com.


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