IBM introduces high-end server products

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IBM introduces high-end server products

IBM launches the latest salvo in the server wars today when it unveils two new products in its Unix server line.

Sources say the low-end B50, code-named “Pizzazz” and the high-end S80, code-named “Condor”, will mark a substantial improvement to IBM’s RS/6000 line of Unix-based servers.

The Condor can run up to 24 processors – twice the number in IBM’s current high-end S70A. Company officials expect it will deliver two to three times the overall performance.

One source familiar with the Condor said the combination of improvements lift the server performance above Sun’s E10000, a server that uses up to 64 CPUs and has been popular with the rise of the Internet.

IBM also plans to update AIX, its version of the Unix operating system, to run software that will be compatible with a future version of Unix called Monterey-64, scheduled to arrive with Intel’s 64-bit Merced chip in late 2000.

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