Diamond unveils new Viper II

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Diamond unveils new Viper II

Diamond Multimedia Systems has introduced its new Viper II graphics accelerator.

Based on S3’s Savage2000+ chip, the device combines 3D texturing, 32-bit true color rendering, Direct3D/OpenGL support, 32MB of on-board memory with high resolution support (up to 1920x1080x32bpp) and a separate 128-bit 2D engine.

Diamond says S3’s fully integrated geometry engine makes the Viper II capable of performing all 3D transformation and lighting computations in hardware to accelerate next-generation content that includes four to ten times the polygon and lighting complexity of today’s applications.

The device is slated for shipment in late October with an estimated retail price of under $200. The company also plans to release a higher-performance version of the Viper II, the Viper II LE, with 64MB of on-board memory, in Q4 1999 for under $270.

More information about Diamond Multimedia and its products is available at www.diamondmm.com.