Intel cuts chip prices – again

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Intel cuts chip prices - again

Intel has reduced chip prices for the second time in a month, slashing desktop Pentium III and Celeron prices by up to 15 percent.

Intel dropped the price of the 600MHz desktop Pentium III for the first time, from $669 to $615, while the 550MHz Pentium III chip fell from $487 to $423. The company is expected to announce a number of new desktop Pentium III chips that will support a 133mhz system bus later this month.

Meanwhile, the 500MHz Celeron chip fell from $167 to $153, the 466MHz Celeron from $114 to $99, the 433MHz Celeron from $93 to $79 while the 400MHz Celeron chip was reduced from $73 to $64.

The price cuts come less than a week after rival chipmaker AMD reduced prices of its K6-2 and K6-III desktop chips by up to 25 percent.

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