Intel revs up mobile Celerons

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Intel revs up mobile Celerons

Intel has introduced mobile Celerons running at 433MHz and 466MHz.

With their low price points, the faster Celerons promise to power a new wave of affordable notebooks.

Dell Computer, for example, is taking orders on a new Inspiron 7500 based on the 433MHz or 466MHz Celerons. The notebook will start at about $1,999 with the 433MHz Celeron chip.

Gateway will use the new 433MHz in a Solo 9300 notebook, to start at about $2,499.

The 433MHz chip, priced at $159 each in volume, is about 10 percent faster than the 400MHz mobile Celeron. The 466MHz version, selling to OEMs for $209, will run about 20 percent faster, Intel officials said.

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