Diamond ships new Savage4 cards

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Diamond ships new Savage4 cards

Diamond Multimedia Systems has announced shipment of new value-priced graphics cards based on S3 Inc.’s Savage4 accelerators.

The $99 Stealth III S540 Xtreme is equipped with 128-bit processing, 166MHz memory and 160MHz engine clocks, 32MB of system memory, S3 texture compression (S3TC) and support for textures up to 2048-by-2048. The card also features single-pass multi texturing, 32-bit rendering, AGP 4X compatibility and hardware accelerated DVD playback.

The Speedstar A90 is based on the S3 Savage4 PRO+ chipset, combined with 16MB of 125MHz SDRAM memory, 128-bit processing, and AGP 4X support.

More information is available at www.diamondmm.com.