Dell launches broadband plan

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Dell launches broadband plan

Dell Computer is bundling broadband access with PCs as part of its just-announced assault on the home computing market.

Dell’s Dell4me initiative focuses on several PCs, including a new, musically inclined Dimension desktop and the new Inspiron 3700 notebook.

One of the first services to be rolled out will be a $49 external cable modem that comes bundled with [email protected]’s @Home Network broadband Web access. The service costs about $40 a month.

Dell also plans to announce support for HPNA 2.0, the latest version of the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance standard, for networking PCs over existing household phone lines.

Dell’s Music PC Dimension models will include MusicMatch Jukebox 4.0, an MP3 music management software program, a Diamond RIO 500 portable MP3 player and premium audio speakers. The systems will start at $1,664.

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