Arcade games to get PC force feedback realism

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Arcade games to get PC force feedback realism

Quantum3D Inc. has signed a deal to equip arcade games with Immersion Corp.’s force feedback technology.

Force feedback, also known as haptic feedback or force reflection, allows computers to convey realistic physical sensations to users via hardware such as steering wheels or joysticks.

Immersion’s two-board set – which will become part of Quantum3D’s Quicksilver II and Graphite visual computing systems – offer industry-specific, open architecture, scalable solutions for the coin-op, kiosk, gaming, and advanced arcade markets. Immersion’s board set consists of a force feedback controller board and a configurable motor controller board to drive the actuating motors for game hardware peripherals, such as steering wheels, joysticks, and more.

More information is posted at Immersion’s web site, at,

and Quantum3D’s site at