Altec Lansing unveils VoicePod

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Altec Lansing unveils VoicePod

The new [email protected] division of Altec Lansing Technologies has introduced its first product, a unique USB-based input/output peripheral for processing audio files.

Slightly larger than a standard computer mouse, VoicePod allows users to record and attach high-quality voice files to documents and e-mail messages with the touch of a button.

Functioning as a compact input/output system, the unit can be used for a variety of other audio applications including voice command and web-based teleconferencing or videoconferencing.

After connecting VoicePod to a PC’s Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, users can record .wav audio files and attach them to e-mail messages with the touch of a button. VoicePod is compatible with popular applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Netscape Messenger and others.

The recipient of a voice e-mail can then click on the attached voice file and hear the sender’s voice without the need for any “plug-ins” or proprietary software.

VoicePod will be available in October for $149.95. More information on the [email protected] product line is available at