Intel delays 820 chipset – again

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Intel delays 820 chipset - again

Intel has reportedly canceled tomorrow’s planned unveiling of its new 820 chipset incorporating Rambus memory technology.

Jon Weisblatt, a spokesman for Dell Computer, said engineers have determined that the 820 `Camino’ chipset is not production-quality ready.

The problem reportedly stems from how much memory the computers can use. The computers built so far have three slots in the motherboard for Rambus memory, but now Intel has said that systems should only have two. Sources say Intel’s interim solution also limits Rambus machines to 512MB of memory – half the capacity of conventional systems.

The 820 chipset’s release, originally scheduled for June, was pushed back due to problems getting the Rambus technology into production. Sources now say it won’t be introduced until October 25, the scheduled launch date for Intel’s new ‘Coppermine’ Pentium III chip.

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