Tripod offers cash for popular pages

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Tripod offers cash for popular pages

Computer users with popular Web pages can get a piece of the advertising revenue they generate under a new program by Lycos Inc.’s Tripod community division.

Under the Tripod Premier Builders program, homepage designers who generate more than 100 page views a day for their sites can make 50 cents per 1,000 ad views, while those whose pages generate at least 1,000 ad views per day are paid $1 per 1,000 ad views. Members with pages averaging more than 100 page views per day for a full year will receive an annual 20 percent bonus.

Company officials say the goal is to bring in and retain “premier” home page builders to generate more ad revenue for the company. Premier builders pages must generate 100 views per day, be over 13 and U.S. residents, and create an English language page that meets the “quality” standards of Tripod.

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