New iMacs due to launch

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New iMacs due to launch

Apple observers are speculating that a company event planned for next week could be a coming-out party for new consumer desktops.

The rumored introduction of the next-generation iMac, code-named “Kihei,” may coincide with the first public release of Mac OS 9. In fact, sources say the hardware release hinged on completion of the system software.

The Kihei iMacs are expected to be the first Apple products to ship with “Borg,” the code name for the set of Mac OS 9 technologies tuned specifically for the company’s “Core 99” systems – including the iBook consumer portable and the Power Mac G4.

The new iMacs will reportedly feature a Harmon-Kardon sound system, along with a 350MHz G3 processor, 64MB of RAM, a CD-ROM drive, a 56 kbps internal modem and a 6GB hard drive. A mid-range model will include two FireWire ports, a 400MHz G3 processor, 64MB of RAM, a 10GB hard drive and a DVD drive.

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