GameCam puts players inside game

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GameCam puts players inside game

Reality Fusion and Logitech have announced the first retail product based on Reality Fusion’s patent-pending video interaction technology.

The Reality Fusion GameCam lets players see themselves on the computer monitor as they interact with PC-generated opponents and objects inside a variety of game environments, while using the users’ own gestures and movements to control play.

GameCam ships with six game titles and a Logitech QuickCam USB video camera to record the movements of the player’s body. The games let players participate in sports, dance to music, and take part in other game activities using gestures and movements rather than using a joystick or mouse.

“The big thrill is the ability to see yourself in the middle of the action,” says Chad Kinzelberg, CEO of Reality Fusion.

The Reality Fusion GameCam will be on store shelves nationwide for the holiday season at an estimated street price of $129. The software and video camera bundle requires Windows 98 or 2000, a 300MHz Pentium with MMX or better, at least 64MB RAM, 125MB of hard disk space and an available USB port.

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