Nintendo, S3 team on ‘Dolphin’ game console

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Nintendo, S3 team on 'Dolphin' game console

Nintendo will employ S3’s graphics technology in its next home video game console, code-named “Dolphin.”

As the first game console to embed S3’s advanced texture compression – or S3TC – technology right onto the graphics chip, Dolphin hopes to mark a major improvement in gaming graphics, Nintendo officials said.

The next-generation console also will integrate technology from development partners IBM, Matsushita, ArtX and MoSys.

S3TC will allow Dolphin developers to compress texture data to one-sixth its normal size while maintaining or improving the image quality of the original artwork. Larger and more detailed textures will thus require less memory and reduced load time.

More information on the technology is available in the S3TC section of S3’s website, at