First bootable `PC-on-a-chip’

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First bootable `PC-on-a-chip'

ZF Embedded has introduced what it claims is the only device available that ensures successful on-line software upgrades.

The MachZ Pce is the industry’s first bootable PC-on-a-chip, “the only device capable of booting on power-up even if all external system software has been corrupted or is inaccessible” according to David Feldman, president of ZF Embedded.

Company officials said the chip, designed to be the enabling technology for the rapidly growing Internet device and information appliance market, is the only processor bundled with a full-embedded PC BIOS and dual operation systems.

The MachZ PCe is slated for production in the first quarter of 2000 with samples available in the fourth quarter of 1999.

More information about ZF Embedded and its products is available at