Intel answers 64-bit question

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Intel answers 64-bit question

Intel has revealed the new name for its first 64-bit processor – the Itanium.

Formerly known by its code-name Merced, the chip isn’t due out until mid-2000, but Intel wanted to start getting the industry and customers used to the name.

Company officials said they liked the solid metal imagery that Itanium conjured up in market tests, and the idea of having the “ium” suffix, as in Pentium.

Intel delivered samples of the Itanium processor in August.

Like AMD’s Athlon chip, Intel has also begun branding its technologies. Later this week, the Santa Clara, Calif. chip maker will officially reveal SpeedStep, the name for a mobile Pentium III feature formerly known as Geyserville. The feature allows the chip to run at a lower clock speed and voltage, increasing battery life.

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