Palm VII goes nationwide

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Palm VII goes nationwide

The highly-anticipated Palm VII handheld organizer with Internet access is now available nationwide from 3Com’s Palm Computing.

Introduced earlier this year in the New York metropolitan area, the device uses a wireless connection along with the company’s Palm.Net service to let users trade stocks, access special Web sites designed for the small-screened devices, and send and receive short e-mails.

The company also reduced the Palm VII’s price from $599 to $499. Monthly service plans based on the amount of data users download range from $9.99 to $39.99. Customers who want to use the device with their current e-mail provider can download third-party solutions at

Palm also said it was introducing new versions of its Palm V and Palm III organizers. The Palm V, with an estimated price of $449, has more memory, while the Palm IIIe, at $179, is targeted at students and entry-level users.

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