Apple debuts $999 iMac

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Apple debuts $999 iMac

Apple Computer broke the $1000 price barrier with its new iMac desktop PC, introduced at an invitation-only event in Silicon Valley Tuesday.

The new $999 system features improved game graphics, a Harmon/Kardon sound system and wireless networking. The base system includes a 350MHz G3 processor, a 100MHz system bus, 64MB of RAM, a 6GB hard drive, two USB ports and a 56 kbps v.90 internal modem.

A 400MHz version will sell for $1,299, featuring a 10GB hard drive, a DVD-ROM drive and fast FireWire connectivity.

Apple also announced an iMac DV Special Edition, with “Graphite” styling, a 13GB hard drive, 128MB of RAM and a $1,499 price tag.

The new iMac models do not include Apple’s Mac OS 9, which interim CEO Steve Jobs also introduced at the event. The new OS will ship on Oct. 23.

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