500 MHz G4 delay?

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500 MHz G4 delay?

Apple’s top-of-the-line, 500-MHz Power Mac G4 may be delayed because of performance issues, sources said.

The device, originally scheduled to ship in October, could be delayed until December as engineers at Motorola’s Semiconductor Product Sector in Austin, Texas, reportedly work to resolve “errata” that affect the new processor when run at speeds of 500 MHz or higher. Sources said the problem could result in some corruption in the processor’s data cache.

Motorola’s Technical Support Hotline has confirmed both the existence of the errata and its recommended workaround, which while preventing the problem, slows timing throughout the chip. The G4 processors in the Power Mac G4s that are now shipping also contain the errata, but their sub-500-MHz speeds keep them from encountering the corruption problem, sources said.

The full story is posted at www.zdnn.com.