Logitech debuts Force Feedback mouse

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Logitech debuts Force Feedback mouse

Gamers can feel the pushes, shakes, and shimmies that were once only available in products like joysticks and steering wheels with the WingMan Force Feedback mouse from Logitech.

The USB-only device employs a microprocessor that interprets commands from a Windows PC and turns them into tugs, pulls, shakes, or various high- and low-range vibrations. Gamers will be able to feel the recoil of their rifle playing Heavy Gear II or Slave Zero, or the extreme G-forces on sharp turns in games like Star Wars Episode I: Racer.

Other games expected to add support for the mouse include an OEM version of Quake III Arena, Solider of Fortune, Nocturne, Need for Speed III, and Darkstone.

The mouse will be available later this month for about $99 with full versions of Heavy Gear II, Railroad Tycoon II: Gold Edition, and Gruntz, or can be pre-purchased from Logitech’s e-commerce site at www.buylogitech.com.


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